What are the first features you see and notice about a home or building? Some say it’s the paint, but for the most part, it’s the windows.
People notice windows before anything else. Sadly, many people often overlook how important it is to have clean windows. Both residential and commercial properties can both benefit from quality windows cleaning Las Vegas. In fact, cleaning your windows on a regular basis can make a big difference.
When it comes to windows, there is so much more than the looks and what the eyes can see.
The right windows will instantly add value and style to your property. However, maintaining the cleanliness of your windows will give you more benefits aside from a beautiful aesthetic alone. Read on to know why windows cleaning Las Vegas should be included as a part of your periodic property maintenance plans.

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What’s the Problem with Dirty Windows?
Windows are great additions to homes and buildings for many reasons. But many people mistakenly believe that their health is not in any way affected by the level of cleanliness of their windows.
Innocent as they may look, windows also have a dark side, especially dirty ones. Unclean windows can be quite unhealthy when maintained poorly.

Looking for the best pressure washing and window cleaning in town? We have you covered. At Pro Window Cleaning Vegas, we provide premiere pressure washing and window cleaning services to all of our clients. There is no job too large or too small for us.

Why Choose Pro Window Cleaning Vegas

As a homeowner, it is important that your residence look the best it can. As a business owner, appearance is essential to attract new customers. We ensure that your pressure washing and job is done with the utmost care and your windows are crystal clean.


Window cleaning is something that you can do . But with high quality equipment, experience, and training, the results you will receive from a professional cleaner will be far superior and last longer.


Our experts are all highly experienced and know what they are doing. We know all the rules codes that we must follow, and take the proper steps to attain permits and permissions when necessary.


We pride ourselves in knowing how long a job will take and allowing ample time to complete it. If there is a hang-up in our scheduled, we always communicate that so you aren't left in the dark.


Although some projects might require extensive staffing, supplies and time, we guarantee a competitive affordable rate in the market and provide discounts for repeat clients! Call today and schedule your cleaning.

Dirty Windows Breed Bacteria
Glass windows may look clean. However, unless these are sanitized on a regular basis, those windows can become the home of colonies of bacteria. Since window cleaning and maintenance is not something done every day, they provide the perfect spot where microbes can grow with no restriction. It can then lead to the spread of pathogens and airborne diseases around the home or office, all because of dirty windows.

Dirty Windows Accumulate Dust
Unless your windows are cleaned regularly, it is easy for them to accumulate large amounts of dust and dust mites. These dust mites are tiny insects. They love unclean windows. Dust mites, however, are the culprits behind allergic reactions and respiratory issues because their feces can cause airborne health risks.

Dirty Windows Contribute to Air Pollution
Based on research, it was revealed that old urban windows in residential and commercial buildings might contribute to air pollution. It can become more pronounced if your dirty windows are covered in grime. Grime can also introduce some nitrogen compounds associated with smog. Obviously, this is the very last thing you want to get inside your home or office!

Windows should be cleaned regularly because the longer you keep them dusty and dirty, the harder it will be to clean them to the shine you’ve always wanted. However, we cannot deny that besides special skills and sufficient time, you also need special and safe tools for this task. Window cleaning carries some risk – especially when it comes to removing stains and dirt from the outside.
Many people prefer to do the window cleaning themselves. Considering that you give up on professional window cleaning, you are preferring to risk your life and health by hanging from high floors, making dangerous moves and more. Even if you get help from a friend while you are cleaning the windows, the load and the extreme situation will deprive you of perfect end results. After all, your job will be unsatisfactory and you will only lose your nerves and time. Let us clean your windows at home or workplace and make them perfectly clean, shiny and polished.
We at Pro Window Cleaning Las Vegas offer you an excellent solution: window cleaning in Las Vegas at affordable prices and with a guarantee of perfect quality. Our team has professional and advanced equipment for quick, easy, hassle-free and most of all safe window cleaning.


Signs You Need Professional and Expert Help for Cleaning your Windows
Even though your goal is to cut costs by trying to do things on your own, there will always come the point when it isn’t enough to do the job of a professional. What looks like something easy to achieve such as cleaning your windows has its own set of difficulties and challenges, especially if your goal is to make them spick and span. Going the DIY route increases the risks of leaving unsightly streaks and missing dirty spots.

But, how will you know that it is time to get windows cleaning Las Vegas? Here are some of the common signs that it is time for you to get professional help for the task:
You are planning to sell your home or business
A good first impression is crucial, especially as far as a property’s exterior is concerned. Washing windows is the foremost pre-sale investment. This can generate the highest return on investment, thanks to the higher selling price. It means that as the property owner, you will get up to 768% ROI by just hiring experts in cleaning windows.
You are wasting precious time
Windows cleaning Las Vegas takes time. It can rob you of valuable time that you could have spent on other important tasks. This is where professional windows cleaning experts can be of great help. They will not only finish the job faster than you as they will also ensure that no dirty spots or streaks will be left behind during the process.
You are causing damage on your window frames
Spotting issues early on will help you save lots of money down the road. Experts in window cleaning know what to watch out for when cleaning windows. They can tell right away if your windows are ill-fitting or ammonia-based cleaning products have damaged the window frame. The lack of knowledge on such things may only make you damage your windows unknowingly.
Windows are important investments, and like other investments, you need to protect them at all costs. Keeping windows cleaning on top of your home maintenance list can ensure that the investments you make remain functional and beautiful for many years to come.

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Do you know what happens when that sideways rain hits your dusty, pollen-covered screens? You get dusty, pollen-covered windows, windows that look ugly. And when the rain stops and you open your windows? It all comes inside. Then you breathe it. You sneeze. Probably on your window. Let me and my experienced team of professional window cleaners come to wash your windows so you can stop looking at the dust and muck and start looking at the beautiful view you wanted in the first place.

We use a proprietary, environmentally-friendly cleaning solution for your windows, screens, and tracks. We pride ourselves on being earth-conscious and use the most cutting edge window washing tools, techniques, and equipment. We adhere to the highest safety standards because we never want to put ourselves, or you or your property, at any risk.

But you probably couldn’t care less about that. Let’s talk about you. You have windows—panes of glass. Cleaning them is a pain in the neck. And shoulders. And they probably need washing, or else you wouldn’t be here, would you?

Maybe you’re getting ready to sell your house, and you want it to look perfect for your next open house. Perhaps you’re renting your home, and you want to WOW your potential new tenants. Maybe you’ve been renting a home, and you don’t want your landlord to charge you any more than necessary. Maybe it’s the fall, and new students are about to move into your student housing. Maybe you’ve got a storefront with windows that need to be decorated, and you want them washed first. Clean windows are one of those x-factor qualities that people may not notice, but they will take note. So hire the best window cleaning service in Las Vegas

Window Washing for homes, rental properties, businesses, and more!

Some questions we get asked a lot (and our best answers for them):

What is included in your service?

Better question: What isn’t included? We can piece together a proposal that will meet all of your needs, as well as your budget. Our entry level package includes washing your outside windows. Our premium package includes interior and exterior window panes, screens and tracks. If it has to do with clean windows, we can do it.

Do you work in Henderson?

We will clean windows just about anywhere in Las Vegas area. We’re happy to take window washing jobs in Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Henderson, Summerlin, Downtown Las Vegas, Paradise, The Strip Area, West Las Vegas Area, Green Valley, Rhodes Ranch, Seven Hills, Providence, The Lakes, Silverado Ranch, Enterprise, Spring Valley, Southern Highlands, Sunrise Manor and more. 

What if I only need a few windows cleaned?

We do have a per-job minimum of 20 windows. So if you only need 10 windows cleaned, we’ll just charge you double for those and clean the other 10 for free. Deal?

What about my sliding glass door(s)?

We want all of your windows to be streak free, including your sliding glass door. We charge by the window, and as far as we’re concerned, your sliding glass door is just a great big window for us to wash.

How much do your services cost?

The best way to get an estimate is to just give us a call at (702) 551-000 for a free, no-pressure, no B.S. estimate. This will not be a pushy sales call. It’s a chance for us to showcase our commitment to quality and excellence, answer your questions, and give you a free instant quote right there on the call. We’re incredibly competitive. In fact, I don’t think there’s another company that will match our service level and beat our price

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Pressure Washing Las Vegas

Do you have a large surface that needs to be cleaned? Let Pro Window and Washing Cleaning Las Vegas Services help you out. With the experience we have, we will be sure to take good care of your surfaces.

Efficient and precise techniques mixed in with a handful of professional servicemen will result in a finished project that you will be satisfied with.

Our equipment used for our pressure washing projects is top of the line as well.
Wood, Brick, Stone, Metal, or Concrete, we can clean it. Don’t worry about us using too much pressure on your delicate surfaces. We will be sure to use the right amount of pressure for whatever your project’s needs may be.

We all know that with the brutal Las Vegas heat, an immense amount of wear and tear can occur on the exterior of your house. When you hire our team of qualified and experienced professionals, we will be sure to bring your worn out surfaces back to life.

Our process will include washing the entire area, and not washing in one spot for too long. This can, in fact, leaves scars in your deck, paneling, or any other wood surfaces.

Here at Pro Window and Washing Cleaning Las Vegas, we are experts at everything we do. Whether you need your entire house or simply your deck pressure washed to remove the grit and grime off, we can and will leave you 100% satisfied with your final product.

Home Exteriors Pressure Washing

Keeping the outside of your home clean is a big priority. Not only can pressure washing add curb appeal to the house, it can also keep harmful mold, mildew and bacteria away. Residential pressure washing in Las Vegas is a great resource for homeowners. Power washing easily eliminates dirt, grime and other nasty eyesores growing on the side of houses.

Fences Pressure Washing

If you have a fence that is starting to look dingy, we can probably help. Instead of repainting the entire fence, pressure washing fences can be a great solution to get rid of dirt.
A quick power wash for fences excellently eliminates stuck on dirt. We can clean wood fences, vinyl fences and many other types of material.

Roof Pressure Washing

Allowing debris and dirt to pile up on your roof for to long can lead to trouble down the read. Easily identify leaks and other weak spots on your roof by pressure washing.

It can also help cut down on color inconsistencies and make your home look even better from the curb.

​Driveways & Sidewalk Cleaning

Grime easily builds up on driveways. Oil leaking from cars, stains from wear and tear. These all accumulate to create an unsightly seen on your driveway.
Pressure washing can easily eliminate all of these things. Keep your driveway in top shape by power cleaning it at least once per year.

Commercial Pressure Washing

Do you own a commercial property? As a property owner, you know the importance of maintaining a pristine rental space. Your tenants expect a certain level of maintenance. Commercial pressure washing is an excellent way to keep the exterior of office spaces, buildings and apartment complexes looking their best.

Mobile Homes Pressure Washing

Attention mobile homeowners! We can also pressure wash the outside of mobile homes as well. This is a great way to keep your home looking its best.

Whether you are planning to host a summer BBQ or just doing some spring cleaning, we got the right tools for the job.

Decks Pressure Washing

Don’t neglect your decks. Decks get used for a variety of things, but one of the most popular is a beautiful dinner outdoors. However, eating outside can mean spilled drinks, dropped food and other stains.

Pressure washing for decks is a great way to eliminate tough stains and clean the surface thoroughly.

​Patio Furniture Pressure Washing

Instead of replacing tired looking patio furniture, pressure washing patio furniture can be a great way to spruce it up! Breath new life into your deck furniture with a thorough power cleaning. Solid wood patio furniture is expensive.

Save money on costly replacements by pressure washing patio furniture first.

Parking Areas Pressure Washing

Large parking areas can become filthy fast. With spills, oil marks and other dirt buildup, stains can accumulate quickly. No job is too large for Pro Window Cleaning and Pressure Washing Las Vegas. Even expansive parking areas can be easily cleaned in one day with our reliable crew and modern equipment. Contact us for an estimate for your parking area.

Low cost pressure washing service

Our prices are some of the most competitive in the industry. We are rightly priced to help you get a 5 star washing or cleaning service without breaking the budget.

Professional and experienced team

We take your project very seriously. Each of our window cleaning or power pressure washing professionals is trained and qualified to take care of you with the best customer service.

We use only top quality products

The window cleaning or power washing service we provide are completed with the best products and equipment on the market today. You will be satisfied with the work we did for years to come.

All of our pressure washers are pre-screened, professional, and provide timely service that matches your estimate. Our certified technicians receive training and are fully insured in case of any incidents on the property. As a business or home-owner, your time is valuable. We respect that and show up on time, every time. We value the community and provide quality pressure washing in Las Vegas because of that. ​

One of the biggest pitfalls of property ownership is costly maintenance work. At Pro Window Cleaning, we provide upfront estimates that are based on an honest assessment of the job. For any Las Vegas pressure washing needs, we offer affordable and fair pricing. With one hundred percent transparency, we communicate cost clearly and notify you of any changes throughout the process. ​

Power Pressure Washing Company You Can Trust

All pressure washing is done to strict guidelines and adheres to industry standards for quality. We pride ourselves on doing a great job so that you can pride yourself in your home or business. The Nevada climate makes regular pressure washing a necessity. We know that by providing a valuable quality service at an affordable rate ensures a future relationship with all of our customers. Your satisfaction is important to us.

Whether you are a homeowner or a business operator, you could sometime need to wash your home or establishment to have a clean and perhaps have some good looks for them. Pressure cleaning your house need extensive care though, especially wooden structures. Concrete buildings also need reliable contractors to do the job, as pressure cleaning requires tremendous skills.

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Owners may try to do this activity of pressure cleaning their homes by themselves, but mind you, these are delicate jobs that require delicate tools. Better seek the experts. Our company offers the best service that you could imagine. Here’s why:

1. We use the best tools and equipment

Does pressure washing need special tools? Yes, certainly. There are parts of the exterior of your house or building that need special care and not just a common type of pressure inducing tool. Guns and water pressure enhancer need particular types of nozzles which control the flow or burst of water so as not to damage the structures, and techniques are also used to utilize these nozzles for individual needs. For high altitude washing, we use mechanical cranes and platforms to reach them. This way, we don’t have to step on the surface we clean.

Not only that, but we also use different kinds of equipment and motors for our washers. You see the water pressure of our washers ranges from 1,000 to 5000 psi (pounds per square inch) of pressure, and you must have the right water pressure to clean a specific surface and not use only certain water pressure range. If you use low-pressure water for rough surfaces, you may not thoroughly clean that surface. Our technicians know that very well.

2. We have the best technicians

Our technicians are well-trained and highly knowledgeable about the different types of nozzles, equipment, and water pressure to use for a particular surface. Our team is also trained to classify concrete, bricks, wooden structures, and other building materials home or establishment are made of and what best water pressure to apply to clean them without damage.

3. We use eco-friendly chemicals

There is a variety of chemical-based soap that we use as a mixture for water to clean oily, dirt-ridden, and even mud-ridden structures. Our detergents are entirely environment-friendly, and all are biodegradable chemicals. They are all water-based chemicals that will not harm anyone or anything on its path. Even for moldy and yeast-laced walls and crevices, the chemicals that we use are all approved by the authorities.

4. We have the best system

Hiring us could not be worst. We could be perhaps your best partner for your delicate job. The moment we have an agreement, we survey your home or establishment first to access its condition. If ever we find defects or any damage prior to the cleaning, we will inform you upfront so that you know first-hand and be aware that the defect/s did not come from the cleaning.

These assessments also enable us to know the required workforce to use for the job. But this will not be a reason for added cost; we want to make sure that the job will flow according to plan. When surveys are done, we give you the proper estimate of cost and time to finish the project. You have the last say over the job. And you could assess it yourself if the job really fit the cost. If everything is alright with you, only then we could start the job.

Our company is committed to serve any structure and surface that requires pressure washing: residential or commercial.

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Top Four Reasons To Use Pro Window Cleaning And Washing Services

As a homeowner, you’ll want to put your money exactly where you need to: where you get only the best results. Pressure washing your own home on your own without professional assistance and experience may cause more harm than good. More damage gets done by novice pressure washers that then need to be fixed and more money spent. This is something you don’t need. Here are not only the top four reasons to use a pressure washing company but why you should hire Pro Window Cleaning and Washing Services.

We pressure wash outdoors and buildings: commercial and residential.

Pre-screened Technicians: We have the right people that are hand chosen and certified. We don’t just send over a guy with a pressure washer to damage your home and do a sub-par job because we never met him. Don’t think this doesn’t happen in Las Vegas. It does, and homeowners get burned. We not only have the certifications but also we have the licenses and properly inspected equipment to use on your home. We have the best insurances that will protect both the home in case of any mishaps though they rarely if ever happen with us, and will protect the worker in case of injury. All you the homeowner has to think about is getting the best service available. Nowhere else are you guaranteed the best service at the best prices possible.

Estimates: Another thing you can count on from Pro Window Cleaning and Washing Service is you will always talk to a real person and not only that you won’t get patched into a call center somewhere or an answering service. We are always here: us the people that own the company and work in the field. We still have foreman’s and project managers that are willing and, best of all, able to answer all of your most pertinent questions. Not just for the initial consultation but throughout the entire project. You see, our professionals are trained to recognize and catch even the slightest damaged area on your home that you may not be aware of.

This is something that will cost you less money in the future. Some of the things we may find is a loose window sill or a roof shingle. You should know before a good winter and handle it when you can, then not knowing and having it be too late.

Thorough Process: After we talk to you initially, we will come to the home for the assessment, such as what we just described. Pressure washing for a roof is different than pressure washing for the siding. Some jobs will take various equipment, and some may take more than one technician–it doesn’t necessarily mean it will cost more, but we do things right the first time, and your estimate means a lot to us. Not only do we want to earn your present and future business, but we want to keep it. We work on very precise and honest estimates, so we take a little time to make sure that everything is the way you need it, and we have presented you with the best options and prices available to you for the project you want to be done.

The last part of the process is the prep and the work. We arrive on time and work on the schedule we set with you. Some structures are faster to clean than others, and some need several days to complete a job. In the assessment, we will let you know and explain thoroughly what needs to be done–how many phases of the project and how long it will take

Eco-Friendly Products: We use only the most environmentally safe products available to do the job. We know Las Vegas is Eco-conscious and don’t want to harm the environment while cleaning the outside of your home. We have chemicals that will naturally consume mold and mildew, and we simply wash them away.

Call us today for an estimate on your next pressure washing project. If you are located in Wisconsin need pressure washing in Milwaukee, check the page of our friends.

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