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What are the first features you see and notice about a home or building? Some say it’s the paint, but for the most part, it’s the windows.

People notice windows before anything else. Sadly, many people often overlook how important it is to have clean windows. Both residential and commercial properties can both benefit from quality windows cleaning Las Vegas. In fact, cleaning your windows on a regular basis can make a big difference.

When it comes to windows, there is so much more than the looks and what the eyes can see.

The right windows will instantly add value and style to your property. However, maintaining the cleanliness of your windows will give you more benefits aside from a beautiful aesthetic alone. Read on to know why windows cleaning Las Vegas should be included as a part of your periodic property maintenance plans.

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Did you know that dirt, dust, smog, bird droppings, and grime will reduce the production of your solar panels and increase your electric bill?


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What’s the Problem with Dirty Windows?

Windows are great additions to homes and buildings for many reasons. But many people mistakenly believe that their health is not in any way affected by the level of cleanliness of their windows.

Innocent as they may look, windows also have a dark side, especially dirty ones. Unclean windows can be quite unhealthy when maintained poorly.

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Dirty Windows Breed Bacteria

Glass windows may look clean. However, unless these are sanitized on a regular basis, those windows can become the home of colonies of bacteria. Since window cleaning and maintenance is not something done every day, they provide the perfect spot where microbes can grow with no restriction. It can then lead to the spread of pathogens and airborne diseases around the home or office, all because of dirty windows.


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Dirty Windows Accumulate Dust

Window CleaningUnless your windows are cleaned regularly, it is easy for them to accumulate large amounts of dust and dust mites. These dust mites are tiny insects. They love unclean windows. Dust mites, however, are the culprits behind allergic reactions and respiratory issues because their feces can cause airborne health risks.

Dirty Windows Contribute to Air Pollution

Window Cleaning NevadaBased on research, it was revealed that old urban windows in residential and commercial buildings might contribute to air pollution. It can become more pronounced if your dirty windows are covered in grime. Grime can also introduce some nitrogen compounds associated with smog. Obviously, this is the very last thing you want to get inside your home or office!

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Windows should be cleaned regularly, because the longer you keep them dusty and dirty, the harder it will be to clean them to the shine you’ve always wanted. However, we cannot deny that besides special skills and sufficient time, you also need special and safe tools for this task. Window cleaning carries some risk – especially when it comes to removing stains and dirt from the outside.

Many people prefer to do the window cleaning themselves. Considering that you give up on professional window cleaning, you are preferring to risk your live and health by hanging from high floors, making dangerous moves and more. Even if you get help from a friend while you are cleaning the windows, the load and the extreme situation will deprive you of perfect end results. After all, your job will be unsatisfactory and you will only lose your nerves and time. Let us  clean your windows at home or workplace and make them perfectly clean, shiny and polished.

We at Pro Window Cleaning Las Vegas offer you an excellent solution: window cleaning in Las Vegas at affordable prices and with a guarantee of perfect quality. Our team has professional and advanced equipment for quick, easy, hassle-free and most of all safe window cleaning.


Signs You Need Professional and Expert Help for Cleaning your Windows

Even though your goal is to cut costs by trying to do things on your own, there will always come the point when it isn’t enough to do the job of a professional. What looks like something easy to achieve such as cleaning your windows has its own set of difficulties and challenges, especially if your goal is to make them spick and span. Going the DIY route increases the risks of leaving unsightly streaks and missing dirty spots.

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But, how will you know that it is time to get windows cleaning Las Vegas? Here are some of the common signs that it is time for you to get professional help for the task:

You are planning to sell your home or business

A good first impression is crucial, especially as far as a property’s exterior is concerned. Washing windows is the foremost pre-sale investment. This can generate the highest return on investment, thanks to the higher selling price. It means that as the property owner, you will get up to 768% ROI by just hiring experts in cleaning windows.

You are wasting precious time

Windows cleaning Las Vegas takes time. It can rob you of valuable time that you could have spent on other important tasks. This is where professional windows cleaning experts can be of great help. They will not only finish the job faster than you as they will also ensure that no dirty spots or streaks will be left behind during the process.

You are causing damage on your window frames

Spotting issues early on will help you save lots of money down the road. Experts in window cleaning know what to watch out for when cleaning windows. They can tell right away if your windows are ill-fitting or ammonia-based cleaning products have damaged the window frame. The lack of knowledge on such things may only make you damage your windows unknowingly.

Windows are important investments, and like other investments, you need to protect them at all costs. Keeping windows cleaning on top of your home maintenance list can ensure that the investments you make remain functional and beautiful for many years to come.